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my adventure on vancouver island

vancouver island

hi all,
I'm going to share with you my times on vancouver island.
I arrived on the12th of November. and i live at the cona hostel for a while before moving up to the mountain.
It was a very successful year for myself. I went for my next level as an instructor but i failed. (everyone failed out of 15 people really high marking)
The best powder run at mount washington for me was in December. I remember it really well. I was getting ready for work. I wasn't need at 9.00 the weather was cold and shitty everyone else (instructors) went inside to keep warm and dry for the busy day ahead but my keen self on the other hand sprinted up to the eagle. I had 13 minutes to get down for line up. I remember that I wouldn't care if i lost my job or go in trouble just for one amazing run haha lots of the line here. (bragging rights for sure) Powder was blowing above my face it was christmas time well for me. people where screaming from the chair. i was making weird loud noises haha. It was sick. but only one decent run was to be had before I went to work. My name got read out within seconds of being late lol. but I so happy words can't describe. I couldn't talk. after the boss told everyone to go inside haha.
Ive had so many awesome days but this one ill remember for life even though it was only one run!
I scored around 66 days skiing in this year already. My plan is for 200.! wish me luck.

Around march i went on a road trip to the bigger hills. that was amazing wohhhhhh!

I hiked around a bit in Victoria and around campbell river where I was living.

But now I'm in Vancouver flat out broke and no money left lol..

Next stop is Tasmania. Planning on hiking the overland track.


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Apprentice Carpenter quit job to become a ski instructor.

Travelling the world of small wages.

Hi all,
Anyone ever wanted to know how to travel the world as a ski instructor and get paid to work in the most amazing environment full of powder, great tips and great people?
This is my story so far.
Back home in Tasmania I was doing my carpentry apprenticeship at the time I just got back from an awesome three week skiing holiday in japan, powder in my face (nearly dying in an avalanche), food lots of interesting people whom I met along the way.
Anyway I decided to quite my apprenticeship and go travel the world and live outside my little island state (Tasmania) which had limited skiing but i also love hiking and have hiked 70% of Tasmania solo.
I started working as ski instructor at Mount Hotham I applied via the skills clinic. I made it through the hiring stages and went on to pass my level one and the hard work started. Days and days went by where I had no work so I needed another job and started working long hours as a dish washer at the local pub (dinner plain pub). I was in the top ten for the most requested instructor one week which is very impressive!. I finished the season as a level two instructor, adaptive cert, and rookie of the year with 80 request hours... On exam day I managed to score a job at Mount Washington alpine resort. A little hill for Canadian mountains but the amount of powder was a lot!. I started training for my level three which I didn't pas but no one passed out of 15 people. I taught lots of children who I had a ball with and some who I did not want to be there. Lots of highs and lows. A High was meeting my girlfriend on the chair lift (she's a snow boarder insturctor) and a low was working in the rain for a week straight :( But I have met lots of amazing people who I learnt to grow as a instructor and a person. Many thanks to all the amazing supervises/coworkers who have helped me along the way. I am currently jobless waiting for the next season at Hotham to start and do it all again this time with my girlfriend whose Canadian coming home with me. I still love Tasmania and one day will live there again. I already miss the skiing. Also u have checked out Whistler, Big White, Silver Star, White Water, Lake Louise, Kicking Horse, Fernie and Revelstoke. Please follow my instagram for great photos! = alexbjak

P.S If you ever want a chat or a lesson feel free to book me.

Stay tuned for more stories,
alexskiinstructor@gmail.com for inquires

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My adventure!

all seasons in one day 7 °C

Hi all,
I am a ski instructor who loves to travel. Born in Tasmania and having to hike most parts of my beautiful state, I thought it was time to explore the world and start my own adventure else where.
I just completed a ski season at Mount Washington resort (stay tuned for photos). Also having just completed a three week road trip staying in the car, at friends houses and in hostels. From sleeping in the car at -15 in lake Louise to walking the streets of Seattle at 20c degrees in my big winter boots lol. I also met my wonderful girlfriend Megan at the start of the season.
Feel free to follow me on instagram and check out all my travel photos. Alexbjak.
my email is alexskiinstructor@gmail.com
Thanks for reading my first blog!.


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